The Little Saigon designation is recognition of our community achievement, and also a vehicle to bring about positive changes in the areas of social, economic and political.

The landscapes of Stockton Boulevard have changed drastically thanks to all the contributions and efforts of the entire community as well as governmental and private organizations. The designation would not be possible without the tremendous help and support from all our friends and supporters, especially, all the members of the city council, as well as county board of supervisors. Our deepest gratitude goes to Councilmember Kevin McCarty for spearheading this project from beginning to end. In addition to being a great friend and leader to our community and the rest of Sacramento, County Supervisor Jimmy Yee has always been a strong and avid supporter of the Little Saigon Designation.

As a community, we have turned the corner and our defining moment has arrived. Together as one cohesive unit sharing in a common goal and vision, we can achieve great things.

Let’s celebrate our rich heritage, our diversity. Let’s unite and be a bridge to connect all generations, people of all walks of life, recognizing that each individual, each organization all equally play an important role in fate of our community.

As proud Americans, we can make Stockton boulevard a place we can be proud of to live, to work, to do business, raise our family and leave a legacy for generations to come. Stockton Boulevard is our home, a place we can all be honored to take ownership of and share with the rest of the country and world. Stockton Boulevard will become a destination for all.

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